• When Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct: Theories and Overview

    Dinosaurs have always fascinated humans with their size, ferocity, and mystery. But when and how did these remarkable creatures go extinct? The Mesozoic era, also known as the “Age of Dinosaurs,” spanned over 180 million years, during which time dinosaurs evolved and dominated the planet. However, around 66 million years ago, something catastrophic happened, leading to the disappearance of all…

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  • What is RNA: Definition, Structure, Functions, and Types

    RNA is an essential molecule for life as we know it. It plays a crucial role in gene expression and protein synthesis, which are fundamental processes in all living organisms. With the continuous advancements in biotechnology and genetics research, RNA has garnered significant attention from scientists and medical professionals alike. Understanding the structure, functions, and types of RNA is imperative…

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